Georgia Tech

Alumni Amateur Radio Club


The Georgia Tech Alumni Amateur Radio Club is an association of Georgia Tech Alumni, faculty, staff and friends of Georgia Tech with the purpose of supporting amateur radio at Georgia Tech and preserving its rich history.

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Georgia Tech Alumni Amateur Radio Club

Pictures of alumni at W4AQL. Clockwise top left: W4AQL circa 1938, 1986 during Mexico City Earthquake operation and 1990 Phone Sweepstakes.

Georgia Tech Radio Club callsigns through the years...
4XG - 4YA - 4AV - W4AV - W4YA - W4AQL

Homecoming 2017

The annual Georgia Tech Radio Club Homecoming will be October 20, 2017 in the shack located in E496A of the Van Leer EE Building from 4 PM until whenever we get tired of eating and playing on the radio. W4AQL will be on the air for a Homecoming Special Event operation from the shack in E496A of the EE Building so come out and help operate. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll get some pileups with people wanting to work Georgia Tech!

6M BBQ Terrain Analysis Presentation - April 2017 SE VHF Conference

Click on the file name below to download the presentation originally presented by W4ATL at the 2014 6M BBQ and updated at the 2017 Southeaster VHF Conference.

High Frequency Terrain Analysis SEVHF 2017.pdf